Midnight Overthinking

where’d you go, huh?

I am a Christian. This means that I believe that Jesus Christ is God. Or at least, most of the time. In a world where everyone is expected to be perfectly fine all the time, it can be really hard when something you've believed your whole life suddenly doesn't seem to make sense. When we're… Continue reading where’d you go, huh?

Random Thoughts

nothing comes from nothing

Welcome to Completely Spontaneous Blogging About Completely Random Thoughts With Me! (in other words pretty much 3/4 of this blog) So I was just doing a boring assignment and started humming "Something Good" from the Sound of Music, because for some reason it was stuck in my head. Then I started thinking about the lyrics,… Continue reading nothing comes from nothing

Random Thoughts

Thursday Morning: Worst Inventions

I love looking up terrible inventions. They are so completely pointless and awful (and occasionally potentially life-threatening) that they're absolutely hilarious! Want to see what I mean? Here is my list of the Top 5 Worst Inventions to brighten up your random Thursday morning! Enjoy! The Car Exhaust Grill Ever have the urge to cook… Continue reading Thursday Morning: Worst Inventions

Random Kitchen

The Random Kitchen: Sep. 18th

Yes, it's another Random Kitchen! This Random Kitchen is gonna be all about pumpkin! Because of course in this house whenever it gets the slightest bit cold we have to decorate the house, go buy all those Fall limited time originals, and break out the baking bag! Today's recipe is Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Muffins! I… Continue reading The Random Kitchen: Sep. 18th

Random Kitchen

The Random Kitchen: Rose Milk

And the kitchen is back with another Random Recipe! Hooray! Today's recipe is from Rosemary & Rye. Check em out. Now, personally I absolutely adore the flavor of rose, whether it's in tea, baked goods, whatever, but some people don't. However, the floral flavor of this Rose Milk is very subtle, just enough to provide… Continue reading The Random Kitchen: Rose Milk

Random Thoughts

Red Pillows

I am a highly emotional person. I feel very strongly about things that may appear to other people as random or ordinary. The weirdest things will change my life forever. For example, going to Boston for a weekend. Watching a tree get cut down. Driving with my best friend. These are all scenarios that I… Continue reading Red Pillows

Random Thoughts, Viewer Answers

A Fun Random Survey

Random surveys are back! Hooray! So this morning I was just boppin along to Slowtown by TØP, possibly my favorite song in the whole world (though Be Concerned is definitely up there too) and I just thought, "I could listen to this song forever." And then I came up with this question and I just… Continue reading A Fun Random Survey

Arts & Crafts

A Fresh Drawing Tablet Review

Whoa, a post! How rare! Yes, a post. And in this random post, I'lll be reviewing the Wacom Cintiq 16 tablet while subtly showing off my artwork. Hooray! The Wacom supplies company is known for their professional graphic design tablets. With their tablets, you can draw just like you would on a piece of paper,… Continue reading A Fresh Drawing Tablet Review