Eliza & KATE

The Debut of Eliza and Kate

Hey guys! Thanks for checking this out! These are my two friends Eliza and Kate. Expect more of them. They’re very excited to be featured on this site for the first time. I would love to share more of their adventures with you!

6 thoughts on “The Debut of Eliza and Kate”

    1. Oh my gosh thank you sooo much! That’s so nice! 😀
      Hey, would you wanna put up suggestions for the new storyline? Absolutely no pressure, you’re just an insanely good writer so I figured I might ask. ¯\_(?)_/¯

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      1. Oh my gosh you wouldn’t believe it but I was going through my old school stuff from a couple of years ago last night and found these comics that I had drawn during Latin class 😂 They reminded me of yours … although yours are much better!
        And yeah I’d love to … if you would give me a suggestion for a drawing I’m working on too! I CANT THINK OF A DESIGN FOR REGIONAL AT BEST. I’ve done every other album cover drawing except for RAB … so if you have any ideas please let me know!

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      2. Oh awesome! I love finding old doodles. And wow thanks for asking, I absolutely ADORE your album cover designs!!! I’m probably not the best one to ask but…I dunno, maybe like a forest? In RAB colors? Hope that helps a bit! XD And that ukulele idea is awesome!! Thank you SO much!! 😀

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