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Finishing A Book And What Do I Do Now

There's nothing quite like finishing a book. That fulfilling, satisfying feeling that you've taken in something valuable, accompanied by a feeling of accomplishment. But sometimes, they leave us speechless. Sometimes I'll finish a story, sigh happily, think "That was a good book!" and put it away on my shelf to collect dust. But sometimes I'll… Continue reading Finishing A Book And What Do I Do Now

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Six Years Old

Hello frens! Back to dish out your recommended daily dose of random! Let's hop to it, shall we? So if you knew me well in person, you would have probably heard me talk about how I wish I were a little kid again sometimes. Why would I say that? Who wants to be known as… Continue reading Six Years Old

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nothing comes from nothing

Welcome to Completely Spontaneous Blogging About Completely Random Thoughts With Me! (in other words pretty much 3/4 of this blog) So I was just doing a boring assignment and started humming "Something Good" from the Sound of Music, because for some reason it was stuck in my head. Then I started thinking about the lyrics,… Continue reading nothing comes from nothing

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Thursday Morning: Worst Inventions

I love looking up terrible inventions. They are so completely pointless and awful (and occasionally potentially life-threatening) that they're absolutely hilarious! Want to see what I mean? Here is my list of the Top 5 Worst Inventions to brighten up your random Thursday morning! Enjoy! The Car Exhaust Grill Ever have the urge to cook… Continue reading Thursday Morning: Worst Inventions

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Red Pillows

I am a highly emotional person. I feel very strongly about things that may appear to other people as random or ordinary. The weirdest things will change my life forever. For example, going to Boston for a weekend. Watching a tree get cut down. Driving with my best friend. These are all scenarios that I… Continue reading Red Pillows

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A Fun Random Survey

Random surveys are back! Hooray! So this morning I was just boppin along to Slowtown by TØP, possibly my favorite song in the whole world (though Be Concerned is definitely up there too) and I just thought, "I could listen to this song forever." And then I came up with this question and I just… Continue reading A Fun Random Survey

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Nothing Can Be Solved With Tears

Nothing Can Be Solved With Tears a short poem I randomly and spontaneously wrote just now at 10:30 PM and decided to share with you guys Nothing can be solved with tears People, they disappear Happiness, it comes with fear The pain inside your heart can sear Nothing can be solved with tears, But everything… Continue reading Nothing Can Be Solved With Tears